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wonderfully lovely!

Awesome! Love it!


I made a video on your game (11:49)

Great artstyle! really good stuff :)

Played it for french viewers. This game is absolutely beautiful! It's a really cool experience, very interesting ! 

This game made me smile bigger than anything has in a while its so peaceful and I just love it 


It's so beautiful

An absolute gem <3

Very beautiful :) 

I like it :)

had a great time moseying around this beautiful artwork for my vaporwave-themed youtube channel. thank you! 

Really cool work! Love your art :)

Tellement joli! Si seulement je pouvais aller où je voudrais aller, pendant aussi longtemps que je le souhaiterais... mais ainsi va la vie je suppose :)

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This is beautiful, I love the style and the game idea

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A short and pleasant visual and auditory journey to calm the senses.

Are u draw urself? wow

Wow! amazing!~

sigh, can anyone tell me if this game works for 32 bit processor? 
thanks ahead '-'


Gorgeous and relaxing experience. Thank you!!


I love the colour! It's calming and kind of abstract. Like the artstyle.:)

A beautiful game :D

This game is great an aesthetically pleasing!~ So many pastel colors and a great experiane! 

Wow cool


I need this in VR!


One of the most beautiful games ever.

Thank you for making this.

I rly love the artstyle and soundtrack o.o


What a gorgeous game, thank you!

Very cute art style

A really interesting game. The visuals are really pretty. If anyone is interested here's a video of playing the game.

cure for my sadness <3 reminds me off train scene in spirited away 

Very beautiful and relaxing - thank you :-))

I'm from Sacramento! lol excited to check out the game!

Thanks for such a cute game

What would be the age rating for this game?

whoa, it feels like you're inside a watercolour painting! i loved the art but also the subtle shifts of focus, it really encapsulated the idea of the "moment"

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very mysterious, really pretty visuals. captures the feeling of only having a finite amount of time really well, which I assume is a part of the "capturing fleeting memories before they fade" theme.

very beautiful color

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