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This blew me away! I thought this would be good but from the moment it began I was whisked away! This is EASILY one of my favorite games! I'd love to see more games like this one! <3

Best use of an invisible wall that I've seen in a long time. Very nice, calming experience you have put together here.

I love this game! It feels so thought out!

it is beautifull!
thanks for this

just like a dream. I love your game

One of the most beautiful game environments I've ever stepped into. Highly recommend this game.

Here's my Let's Play video.

This game is just beautiful! I had a great time !

Did a let's play of your game. Absolutely beautiful and well done

Saramento | Let's Play

Beautifully done! I had a great time playing it. Please make more games like this one :) Best regards and congrats !

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This game was one of the most relaxing games I've ever played and the art was gorgeous as well as the color scheme :)

I can only imagine how immersive this game would be with a story!

Here' s my LP!

Very calming game, with lovely scenery and background music! I suppose I've joined the "let's play" crowd in making a short playthrough video : )

It'd be nice if this game is expanded!

This was a lovely little game ^^ Very relaxing, and the visuals are amazing!

I also am among the crowd that made a let's play of this >.> Hope I did justice!

Your game is so refreshing. I had a great time playing it. You've done a spectacular job pulling me into the mood of the game. It felt so peaceful.

giant fish and jellyfish right in front of me! That's a dream comes true!

Really nice experience, thanks for sharing this! Music + illustration style compliment each other really well :)

This is a day-trip simulator of the finest calibre. The watercolour art shifting in the breeze combines with the gentle ambient music (thanks Glass Body) to make this a journey I plan to take regularly, to soak in the calm, serene feel of this place.

Great work Delphine, love the work you're doing. Keep it up!

Quite beautiful. I wonder what I missed.


I loved this game. Love, love, love, love it! For some reason, finding that girl just blew my mind? I was distracted by her the entire time. I tried clicking on her, pushing a bunch of buttons, hoping I could talk to her XD I played it once, but curiosity made me replay it over and over, until I found everything. I THINK I found everything at least. One of the best I've played.

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Beautiful! I'm not quite sure how I feel about being forced back to the start when the sun sets... On the one side, it captures the ephemeral feeling of travel, but on the other I want to walk around more!

The visual style is so fantastic! I really want to just sit there for a long time and soak in the soft watercolored world.

extremely soothing, and a wonderful way to share a travel memory.

Very nicely done with the illustrations. I loved the art style. It really gave it a unique experience and created an atmosphere of actually being in a place during sunset. Admittedly, I went the wrong direction at first, followed the train tracks for a bit and didn't see anything but quickly turned around to find a lovely park , flamingos, dragonflies that zipped away as you approached them, someone sitting on a hill sketching their surroundings....again, all beautifully drawn. After exploring the surtroundings, I went back to the train station, and followed the tracks until the sun began to set. I was then warped back to my former position as the lighting in the park turned to evening.

I know I've said this three times now but it really is beautifully done, for the purpose of taking your audience to an atmosphere and creating a space for them to explore through the artists perspective. Thumbs up and have a lovely day :)

a really cool thingy. love the flying fish. love the flowers. love the animations. love...
....would like to play/experience more of that :-)

wonderful :)

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